Healthy Pet Food & Supplies

You may be reading these listings and wondering why some of the most popular pet stores are absent. Rex has done his best to choose businesses that sell a higher percentage of local and healthy products. Rex is hoping that if you walk into one of these stores having NO knowledge of healthy pet foods, that there is still a very high probability that you will leave with a quality product. Rex says his species really needs some help in the health department!

Being a rescue himself, Rex has excluded any businesses that sell pets and instead included those that support local animal rescue. Rex has also chosen to list only local “Brick and Mortar” shops because they always give him cookies and hugs!

Tail Blazers PetsTail Blazers – Health Food Store for Pets
Healthiest Food & Treats in Town

7 Calgary Locations
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Atomic Dog Boutique

Bon A-Pet-Treat

Especially 4 Pets

Optimal Pets

Pet Planet

Puptown Paws Pet Supplies

The Barking Lot


The Urban Dog Market