Pet Photographers

Rex has carefully chosen photographers that specialize in the unique challenges of photographing pets. He was also sure to choose photographers with technical ability, and a quality experience. The photographers listed in our directory provide their clients with fantastic customer service, and quality photographic products.

Art and Photography are services that often get overlooked. However, when our pets are no longer with us having a special piece of art or a beautiful photograph to represent them can become one of the most cherished items you will ever own. Consider supporting a local artist and creating some memories for yourself at the same time!

BrindleBerry - Custom Pet PhotographyBrindleBerry – Custom Pet Photography

I pride myself on creating portraits that exemplify the relationships shared between animals and their people. Servicing Calgary, Okotoks, DeWinton, & surrounding areas.
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BrindleBerry – Custom Pet Photography

Thousand Woofs Photography for Dogs

*When applying for a listing to this page, please ensure you have a working website and portfolio, as well as a minimum of two years experience as a professional photographer.