Rex in the cityREX was born in April, 2013, and was a hit with local businesses right from the get-go! Why?

Because every pet business refers to other businesses – but most businesses – especially small independent ones that really care about their clients – won’t refer to just anyone. Their reputation is on the line. We all have that fear that something will go wrong, and it will make us look bad or worse, hurt a client in some way.

Enter REX… REX lists businesses that specialize in high end services and products. These businesses are either nominated and researched, or are referred by others in REX community. You can give your client a REX card, and feel comfortable knowing that other small businesses in the area will provide them with the services and products that you love, but don’t offer.

So why advertise with REX? Because you are accessing the most discerning of dog owners. You are targeting a very specific local market – Calgary dog owners. And, because your advertising dollars will keep REX a float so that he can continue to provide Calgary with valuable information, products, and services.

If you are interested in advertising with REX, please email for more information.

“We have been advertising with Rex in the City for only about a month. We inquire on where our clients heard about us throughout all of our serving offerings, and we have started to see them refer to Rex in the City more and more. We have ourselves under the free listing, but the advertising allows us much more visibility, and allows for great target marketing at an incredible rate! We look forward to building a long-term relationship with this excellent site!”

Megan Armstrong, CPDT-KA, CPDT-KSA
dogma training & pet services inc.

“Dear Rex,

It is minus 30 with the windchill today. I have rescheduled a few of our outdoor appointments. Usually with this spare time I would be designing, printing, and delivering advertising materials. Honestly, I am warm and toasty in front of my computer answering emails and phone calls and setting up appointments for the new year. When I ask clients where they found my number the answer is astounding…REX! REX! REX!

So, Thank-You Rex for keeping me good busy. It is so refreshing to know I can spend more time with my clients than with my advertising materials!”

Reanne Heuston
Pest 2 Pet Inc