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REX is Calgary’s most exclusive and comprehensive guide to finding quality pet products, services, and information.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your choices and don’t know where to start? Is keeping your pet physically and mentally healthy a priority for you? Then you are in the right place! REX is a community that wants the very best for your pet. All of the services included in our Calgary Pet Services directory are either referred by our readers, and/or approved by some of Calgary’s pet industry leaders. We do not accept all businesses into our directory.

Would you like to submit your business listing? Please do! However, if your listing does not get accepted, please do not take it personally! We as a community have a certain set of guidelines we liked to follow for our readers, and it is possible that it just may not be a fit. For instance, the pet supply stores listed in our directory do not sell pets but instead support local rescues. The trainers, daycares, sitters and walkers we list DO NOT use correction-based training techniques made famous by tv training celebrities.

Artists all possess at least two years of experience as a professional with a working website and portfolio. And finally, we have chosen to list a few veterinarians, but the vets we have listed use both holistic and conventional methods.

REX approved businesses will proudly display this badge:

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We are here to educate pet owners on how to choose everything from the best pet foods, to the best daycares and dog trainers.

REX has over 7 years experience in the pet industry in our community; everything from dog training and pet nutrition, to pet photography and an extensive involvement in the local pet rescues and humane society. REX knows a lot of industry professionals and he knows the best of the best!

Please look through our blog and peruse information packed articles written by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals. Feel free to leave your comments – we love to read them. And, please share!


REX would like to remind you to always do your own research when trusting anyone with your pet. Rex will not be held liable for any experiences you may encounter as a result of choosing a service from our Calgary Pet Services directory.